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For a birthday

Come and spend an unforgettable moment in Fontdouce !

It's your birthday soon and you would like to celebrate this big day in a nice place ?
Look no further! Invite your friends to spend a memorable afternoon in Fontdouce.

Treasure hunts, zip lines, outdoor laser game... We offer you many fun activities in Fontdouce abbey and Adventure Park. For the food lovers, it is also possible to order a birthday party !

You want to send your invitations ? Click here to download the invitation card (French version).

Treasure hunts

Game of stones

For everyone

The Naïos coming from their country Hùdro, in the depths of our planet, want to conquer a New World: ours! They are intrepid and go with the flow of the Fontdouce. The scouts of this mineral people have invaded the abbey. No one knows how far they will go...

Help us to stop them by trying to find them! Explore every nook and cranny of the gardens of Fontdouce and its surroundings. If you find them, don't come closer, we don't know the extent of their power!
Photograph them: their number and the time it takes you to discover them will determine your score.
Last step: follow your rankings updated every month on our Facebook page. The first one will be rewarded!!

Little murders in Fontdouce

For children from 9 to 13 years old

1305, the king of France has to meet the future pope in Fontdouce in utmost secret. A novice is found dead in the gardens... Who could have wanted to hurt this young man who was about to become a monk ? How was this crime committed ?

It's your turn to discover the culprit and his weapon through several riddles and clues left in the rooms of the abbey. We offer you 5 different scenarios.

Seeking the treasures of the abbey

For children from 5 to 8 years old

With help of a neck strap gathering 15 photos of the abbey and its surroundings, children will be invited to open their eyes in order to find where the pictures were taken.

This game encourages children to explore every nook and cranny of the abbey. An entertaining way to discover the place.

Friar Rémi's unfinished manuscript

For children from 3 to 4 years old

Puzzle pieces are hiding in the different rooms of the abbey. It's your turn to find them in order to complete the pictures of Friar Rémi.

This game about forms and colours is inviting children to observe carefully the different rooms of the abbey to find the puzzle pieces and to put them back together. This way, children can have fun while following the visit tour.


Stone cutting workshop

Have fun learning about the art of stone cutting and discover medieval carved decoration: plants, crosses, animal heads...

Realise your own sculpture and bring it home with your signature on it!

The Adventure Park

Treetop adventure park

Come play high up and test your limits with your friends !

Depending on your age and size, you will have access to courses for children, or you will able to test the green to black courses !

You will also have the opportunity to experience thrills on our two giant zip lines: 200 meters each ! Or just relax in our aerial net.

For more information:

Outdoor laser game

At the heart of the valley, at the edge of the woods, come challenge your friends safely in an outdoor laser game.

Discover paintball without paint, without projectile and of course without pain ! Our guns equipped with red laser (completely harmless) will allow you to reach your target until 150 meters.

With the different scenarios, you will dive into knights' universe.

For more information:

The birthday party

The birthday party

It includes a birthday cake (chocolate or plain), soda, fruit juice, sweets, candles, glasses, plates, and the decoration (tablecloth and balloons) for this great moment!

Everything will be served in the traditional grape picker's wooden tub. It will take place in one of our picnic areas in the meadow, or inside.

It will have to be booked at least 5 days before the chosen date, for a minimum of 5 persons.


Activities only Adult Teenager from 9 years old and student Child until 8 years old
1 treasure hunt 6,50€ 4,50€ 4,50€
Stone cutting workshop 5€ 5€ 5€
1 admission to the treetop adventure park 20€ 17,50€ 10€
1 game of laser game 8€ 8€  
2 games of laser game 15€ 15€  
3 games of laser game 21€ 21€  
1 birthday party 5,50€ 5,50€ 5,50€

Packages Adult Teenager from 9 years old and student Child until 8 years old
1 treasure hunt + 1 admission to the treetop adventure park 24€ 19€ 12€
1 treasure hunt + 1 game of laser game 13€ 11€  
1 treasure hunt + 2 games of laser game 20€ 18€  
1 treasure hunt + 3 games of laser game 26€ 24€  
1 admission to the treetop adventure park + 1 game of laser game 25€ 23€  
1 admission to the treetop adventure park + 2 games of laser game 31€ 29€  
1 admission to the treetop adventure park + 3 games of laser game 37€ 35€  

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